It is effective for the droplets produced by talking and coughing in daily life. According to NIOSH detection standard, 95% of pathogens can be successfully filtered. This is not a special brand of mask, but a standard of mask.

How to choose a mask

If it is to protect safety, reduce the risk of respiratory tract infection, it is best to wear medical surgical mask and N95 mask. Pay attention not to contact with patients with respiratory tract casually and keep basic hygiene in public places.

What should be paid attention to when using medical masks

First of all, the use of medical masks is by the shelf life, the general medical surgical mask shelf life is three years, and the medical protective mask shelf life is five years, if it exceeds the shelf life, the mask effect will be reduced a lot, so the shelf life is very important.

In addition, before wearing the mask, pay attention to wash your hands to avoid bacteria staying inside the mask. When you use the mask, you should not touch it casually. When you take off the mask, you should wash your hands.