With the continuous deterioration of the environment, masks have become a necessity for many people's lives, which can prevent us from absorbing harmful and toxic substances. At home, lampblack is a headache, so some people want to wear masks, but this leads to a question: can masks prevent lampblack? In this regard, by the small editor for everyone.

Can the mask prevent oil smoke

There are many kinds of masks, among which cotton masks and medical masks can prevent lampblack. They can absorb lampblack and reduce the absorption of lampblack by human body. However, there are a lot of fake masks now. When you choose, you must buy those masks which are colorless, tasteless and quality guaranteed.

PS: if it's a medical mask, you need to replace it in time, and wear a new mask every time you stir fry; if it's a cotton mask, remember to clean it after each use, then put it in the sun and put it on again next time you go into the kitchen.