Corresponding to disposable masks, we are not unfamiliar. In places with poor urban environment, we need to wear masks when we go out. Most of them are disposable masks. Medical devices are classified. What kind of disposable masks are?

What kinds of disposable masks are

Medical devices are divided into three categories, and disposable masks belong to the first category. Disposable masks are usually made of one or more layers of nonwovens. They can resist liquids, filter particles and bacteria. They can be bought in supermarkets and pharmacies in daily life.

Classification of medical devices

The first category (I): low risk, the implementation of routine management, can ensure its safety and effective medical devices, such as disposable masks, general inspection equipment, medical electronic equipment, basic surgical instruments, microsurgical instruments, neurosurgery surgical instruments, ophthalmic surgical instruments, etc.

The second category (II): it has moderate risk and needs strict control and management to ensure its safety and effective medical equipment, such as operating room, emergency room, diagnosis and treatment room equipment and appliances, stomatology equipment and apparatus, medical laser equipment and equipment, medical high-frequency equipment, etc.

The third category (III): high risk medical devices, such as implantable cardiac pacemaker, extracorporeal shock wave lithotriptor, invasive endoscope, ultrasonic scalpel, color ultrasound imaging equipment, laser surgery equipment, etc., need to take special measures to strictly control and manage them.

How long can disposable masks be worn

Although it is a disposable mask, but some people usually wear it several times, but this is obviously wrong! How long can disposable masks be worn? The use time of disposable mask is 4-6 hours, so it is basically thrown after wearing it once; if the use time is too long, large particles will be blocked on the surface of the mask, or ultra-fine particles will block the gap of the filter material of the mask, which will cause the decrease of filtration efficiency and the rise of respiratory resistance.