N95 mask is NIOSH (National Institute of occupational safety and health) certification of a kind of anti particulate mask. N refers to the particles that are not suitable for some oil, such as the particles of fried vegetables. It is effective for the droplets produced by talking and coughing in daily life. According to NIOSH detection standard, 95% of pathogens can be successfully filtered. This is not a special brand of mask, but a standard of mask.

What kinds of masks are common on the market

There are three kinds of masks on the market, one is medical surgical mask, one is N95 mask, which is medical protective mask, and the other is ordinary cotton gauze mask.

There are three layers of medical surgical masks, including comfort layer, filter layer and waterproof layer from the inside to the outside. The main material of the comfort layer is gauze. It will be more comfortable to carry it. Pay attention not to take it backwards, but to face the waterproof layer to the outside and the comfortable layer to the inside. In addition, the side of the metal piece is upward. After wearing it, press the metal piece to fit the face according to your nose, so that the mask fits the face. It is better not to leave any gap. This kind of mask can filter 70% of the germs and has certain effect.

There are generally two kinds of N95 masks. One is an anti biological mask, the color is blue-green, and the model is 1860 or 9132. There is also a dust mask, model 8210, which is white. You can choose masks according to your actual needs.

Face mask is the second-class mask, the material may be cotton gauze, etc., generally speaking, it can not play a good role in preventing pathogens.